Nov. 10th to 13th, 2017 Wuhan International Expo Center,Wuhan, China
  • Smile for Life
    The theme of the conference is that every patient with cleft lip and palate and his family can receive advanced and complete sequence therapy, smiling life.
  • The International Cleft lip and Palate Foundation

Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invited all of you coming to Wuhan China, the place which is ancient, historical, mysterious and prosperous, as president of 11th World Cleft Lip/Palate & Craniofacial Congress. Warmly welcome all of you from difference places and countries thousands and thousands miles away for the common goal-joining the congress.

To treat and prevent Cleft lip and palate and related deformities are mutual concern of patients, doctors in the whole globe. The target of the conference is PERSISTENCE, HIGHER and STRONGER. The conference will become the platform to allow all of you to share your advanced diagnostic technology, precious surgical skill, sweet nursing care and pioneer genetic research with the friends and colleague over the world. The happy and cherry life to cleft lip and palate kids will be returned by our heart and hands.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Wuhan China!

Lian MA, President
11th World Cleft Lip/Palate & Craniofacial Congress

Welcome Message

Distinguished guests,

It is my great honor, on behalf of Sino-cleft, to invite you to attend the 11th annual national congress of cleft lip and palate held in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China at Nov. 10th—13th, 2017. It is noted that the 11th international congress of ICPF will be convened together. It is worthwhile anticipating that this congress will be a fantastic and unforgettable feast in the territory of cleft lip and palate.

The purpose of this congress is to exhibit the accumulative achievements and share our experience in cleft lip and palate of China to the worldwide experts, and to improve our potential based on this opportunity. This conference will feature world-leading plenary lectures, cutting-edge symposia, high-quality oral communications, and lively poster sessions, which covers a wide range of themes in the area of cleft lip and palate, including Plastic surgery, Orthodontics, Speech, Orthognathic surgery, Psychology, Nursing, Basic research, Prenatal diagnosis and otolaryngology etc. Moreover, our conference will bring together the leading surgeons and scientists to discuss the practical challenges, concerns and strategies in this field, as well as promote collaborations and information exchange and share the new findings. Besides, it offers a great opportunity for surgeons, clinicians and scientists, at any stage in their career, to present, develop their own technique, research, and network with other experts. Notably, during the conference, a grand celebration of cultural activities will be held to show the vast territory of Chinese ethnic and regional customs, and to fully reveal the spirit and cultural heritage of practitioners in the field of cleft lip and palate.

Also, ICPF congress will be held together with our conference. Therefore, the number of attendance will be approximately 1000, including 600 foreign guests and 400 domestic guests. During our conference, the newly selection for members of standing committee will be initiated.

Wuhan, as an over 3500 years old city, is the source of “Chu” culture. Its strategic location and rich history make Wuhan city the economic, political, military, and cultural center of middle part of China. Wuhan city has convenient traffic with its Yangtze River, land and air transportations extending in all directions. Yangtze River and Hanjiang rivers cross Wuhan city, and thereby divide it into 3 districts, including Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. This conference will be specifically hosted in Hanyang district, which has famous cultural relics.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you in Wuhan, China for a stimulating and enjoyable conference.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Yuchuang FU
President of Sino-cleft
Program Executive Director
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Stomatology, Wuhan University


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Sinocleft Conference and Smile Angel Foundation
Chinese Stomatological Association
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